There is always time for flowers

My vision for starting Annie May was to create a company that reflected my passion for flowers. I worked in a florist for over 8 years from my teens into my early 20’s and what started out as a convenient Saturday job rapidly became a huge passion. Circumstances changed my career and I spent many years working in interior design.

Flowers have always been a major influence in my life and I have created many arrangements for family and friends weddings, also spent many hours helping in grandparents gardens – or at least thinking I was helping.

A few years ago while pottering in our garden I decided I couldn’t ignore the call back to floristry any longer and so pursued a part 
time qualification to enable me to grow my own business. I have never looked back.

IMG_20160729_100012Annie May is run by myself Angi with several happy helpers.  

The happiest of all my helpers is that of my mum, Sue, who after 40 years in hairdressing is using her creativity to help me build my business.  

Both my parents have run their own businesses successfully for many years and I have always thought that I would go the same way.

 I live in my home town of Crawley with my husband whom I met at school (Hazelwick) and our greyhounds.


I owe my career in floristry to my training guru, Doreen Simson (Time For Flowers, Three Bridges Station) who saw something in me even I didn’t know was there! Thank you Doreen, life just wouldn’t be the same without a house and work shop full of flowers !  


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