Annie May

I get called Annie a lot, which is fine, I’ll answer to most things and after all my Nan was called Annie May and is the inspiration behind the name of the company.

Annie May Aslett (May) was born in 1906 (second oldest of 7 sisters and 2 brothers) and spent the early part of her life in Battersea, London.  At the outbreak of the First World War she was only a child and stayed home to help with the ever growing number of siblings.

On Boxing Day 1935 she married Walter Sidney James (Jim) and moved to Sisters Avenue, Lavender Hill, Wandsworth where they lived throughout the Second World War.  Jim worked as a Fire Warden (not able to join the army due to childhood rickets) and May worked in silver service at The Goldsmiths in London.

My Dad arrived in 1950 and 3 years later they all moved to Spring Plat in Crawley until finally settling in Pondwood Road, Three Bridges.

May went on to live to the fantastic age of 83 and was often seen happily helping the ‘old girls’ (who for the most part were a lot younger than her) on and off the bus right up until the day she died.

She was a spritely, petite lady who had passion for cooking, gardening, playing skip rope and flicking sweet wrappers at Grandad.

I have very happy memories of hours spent picking bluebells when I was little, getting soaked to the knees in the dewy grass and covered in the gooey stem sap.  Bluebells are the perfect reminder for me of little Nan and it seemed only right to incorporate one of the flowers in our Annie May logo.

Here’s hoping that May’s zest for a long life has been passed into the gene pool !

Annie May Aslett

May on her 83rd Birthday in 1989.


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